“Science for Life” Symposium – Advanced Materials for Future Energy Storage

5 Dec 2022
“Science for Life” Symposium – Advanced Materials for Future Energy Storage

Date and Time: 19.12.2022 | 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Location: via Zoom

Topic: Advanced Materials for Future Energy Storage

In order to decarbonize the planet, it is necessary to transform the energy landscape: ceasing the production of energy from fossil fuels and instead relying on renewable sources, electrifying all consumption, developing smart grids, and fully adopting current and next-generation technologies involving energy storage systems. This evolution will necessitate an important technological change and also entail the development of advanced functional materials.
Coming to the Science for Life Symposium 2022 within the framework of the VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony Week, with a Panel on “Advanced Materials for Future Energy Storage”, the participants had a chance to connect with world-leading experts to discuss Battery Materials, Green Energy Transitions, Massive Electrical Energy Storage, Recycling, Future of Hydrogen Energy and more…


Professor Sir Richard Henry Friend – Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council, Director of Research in the Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, the 2010 Millennium Technology Prize Winner for the development of plastic electronics.


  1. Dr. Khalil Amine from Argonne National Laboratory, United States, inventor of the NMC cathode used around the world in electric vehicles, is the 2019 global energy prize laureate for ‘developing one of the highest energy density lithium batteries’.
  2. Professor Linda Faye Nazar, University of Waterloo and Canada Research Chair in Solid State Energy Materials, who made breakthroughs on the road to creating rechargeable lithium-sulfur and lithium-oxygen batteries, and solid-state Li-ion batteries based on advanced solid electrolytes.
  3. Professor Daniel Kammen at the University of California, Berkeley, also the senior advisor for energy and innovation at the U.S. Agency for International Development. He served as Science Envoy in the Obama-Biden Administration and is a leading expert in renewable energy science, technology, and policy.
  4. Brian Dillard, Chief Growth & Technology Strategy Officer at VinES Energy Solutions, the expert in EV batteries and grid storage.

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The “Science for Life” Symposium assembles and connects the Vietnamese sci-tech community with local and international top scientists, policymakers, and entrepreneurs. The symposium will have three consecutive 90-minute panels, each focusing on one of the following critical issues for the world: ​​sustainable agriculture in the new normal, advanced materials for future energy storage, and personalized therapy in cancer treatment. The panel on each of these topics will focus on the pressing global issues, the practical solutions, and predictions of key changes in people’s lives through the contributions of science and technology.


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