The Final ‘Call for Nominations’ Webinar of 2023

20 Apr 2023
The Final ‘Call for Nominations’ Webinar of 2023

The participation of the member of the Pre-screening Committee, the Prize Council Chairman, and the VinFuture Prize Laureate will promote practical exchange, assist in resolving questions concerning the Prize system, nomination process, and application materials, and inspire potential nominators to submit qualified nominations that have an impact on the lives of millions of people.

The webinar attracted approximately 150 participants from around the world. During the webinar, the VinFuture Prize Committee addressed concerns related to the nomination requirements and categories for recognition in 2023, with the aim of helping nomination partners gain a better understanding of the VinFuture Prize. Attendees showed a keen interest in the patent responses for breakthroughs and the competitiveness of applicants from developing countries.

The nomination portal for the 2023 VinFuture Prize will close at 14:00 (GMT+7) on May 15th, 2023. Nominators can submit their nominations at


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