Doctor Hải-Hưng Bùi



Doctor Hải-Hưng Bùi

Doctor Hai-Hung Bui is the Director of VinAI Research, VinGroup, Vietnam.

His technical expertise and interests include probabilistic graphical models, deep generative models, Bayesian inference and machine learning, especially models for sequential and relational data with applications in human activity/intent recognition, video understanding and natural language processing.

Doctor Bui has had nearly 100 publications in well-known IT & AI journals, and has nearly 10 patents issued by the US agencies. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Curtin University in 1998 and became an Assistant Professor there from 2000 to 2003.

Before joining VinAI, he worked at Google DeepMind, Adobe Research and Nuance Natural Language Understanding Lab.

Doctor Bui spent almost 10 years at the SRI International AI Center where he led the multi-institution research team in developing probabilistic inference technologies for understanding the user activities during the CALO project - at the time, the largest AI project in history that eventually led to the creation of Siri.