Professor Hà-Văn Vũ

Yale University

Professor Van H. Vu is currently the Percey F. Smith Professor in Mathematics and Professor of Data Science at Yale University.

Professor Vu is well known for his work in additive and probabilistic combinatorics, random matrix theory, and their applications in computational science. In 2010, he and Terence Tao, in full generality, established the Circular Law. Known as the non-symmetric analog of Wigner semi-circle law, this was one of the most famous open questions in the theory of random matrix.

Professor Vu received the Polya Prize from the Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics and the Fulkerson Prize from the American Mathematical Society. He has been named a Medallion Lecturer by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Born in Hanoi, Professor Vu attended classes for gifted children at Chu Van An and Hanoi-Amsterdam high schools. In 1987, he went to Budapest (Hungary) for his undergraduate studies. In 1994, he moved to Yale for his graduate studies, obtaining a Ph.D. in 1998. He did his postdoc at IAS (Princeton) and Microsoft Research (Redmond).  Before going to Yale in 2011, he taught at UC San Diego and Rutgers.