INNOVATALK #4: Sustainable Irrigation Technologies: A Perspective on Energy, Climate, and Food Nexus

17 Sep 2022
INNOVATALK #4: Sustainable Irrigation Technologies: A Perspective on Energy, Climate, and Food Nexus

Among the VinFuture Prize’s most important missions are disseminating scientific and technological knowledge to the public, and connecting generations of young scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs with globally established inventors for potential partnerships. To realize these missions, we have organized a series of sci-tech sharing webinars based on meaningful innovations.

Climate change is destabilizing the planet, human well-being, and other life forms on Earth. The shifts in climate patterns can lead to increased temperature, extreme weather, rising sea levels, ecosystem destruction, and extinction of animal species. As the globe warms, it decreases the biosphere’s ability to support food production worldwide, especially in vulnerable communities. This month’s webinar revolves around sustainable irrigation technologies for agriculture and the relationship between climate change, energy, and food security

You will meet with:

Chair: Professor Dan Kammen – Member of the VinFuture Prize Council,  James & Katherine Lau Distinguished Professor of Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley with parallel appointments in the Energy and Resources, the Goldman School of Public Policy, and the Department of Nuclear Engineering. He was appointed the first Environment and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA) Fellow by Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton in April 2010. Professor Kammen is currently on leave from the University of California while serving in the Biden Administration as the Senior Advisor for Energy Innovation at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). He is a Permanent Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences, and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. In the United States, he serves on two National Academy of Sciences boards and panels.

Speaker: Professor Jennifer Burney, Marshall Saunders Chancellor’s Endowed Chair in Global Climate Policy and Research; School of Global Policy & Strategy, University of California, San Diego. She also is a Co-Chair of the Digital Agricultural Innovations & Services Initiative and a board member of Center for Effective Global Action – a network of world-class researchers and innovators. As an environmental scientist, her research focuses on the coupled relationship between climate and food security – understanding how food production and consumption contribute to climate change; quantifying the effects of climate and air pollution on land use, food systems, human health; and designing and evaluating technologies and strategies for adaptation and mitigation among the world’s farmers. 

Location: via Zoom (the webinar link will be provided after your attendance confirmation at the registration link).

Audience: scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs in science and technology across the world.

The language used in the webinar is English, and Vietnamese translation will be provided.

Each webinar will be followed by a Q&A session, during which you are very much encouraged to make questions directly to the Keynote Speaker and the Chair, to open potential partnerships between you and these leading innovators.

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