VinFuture Foundation's Activities

Table of Contents
Key activities

The core activity of the Foundation is to award the annual VinFuture Prize to proven breakthrough scientific research and technological innovations which have high potential to create meaningful change in people’s lives.

The Foundation manages the prize administration process, ensures independence of the Prize Council to select laureates, and enables secure, long-term financial standing for the prize.

Other activities


Engage in strategic grant-making activities including providing scholarships and grants to researchers and inventors in the fields of Science and Technology to support their efforts in improving and advancing their inventions.



Connect leading experts with young scientists who are passionate about research to create practical science and technology initiatives that bring about positive changes in daily life. Organize academic events, share knowledge, engage on digital media channels, and facilitate meetings and exchanges between scientists to inspire the next generation, attract high-quality nominations and become a hub for intellectual exchanges.



Develop long-term partnerships with prestigious educational institutions, research and innovation centers, and top technology corporations globally, invite nominations, support connections, and promote the transfer of life-enhancing innovations.