Scientific Dialogue with the Inaugural VinFuture Prize Laureates

12 Jan 2022
Scientific Dialogue with the Inaugural VinFuture Prize Laureates

The Scientific Dialogue with the inaugural VinFuture Prize Laureates will take place on the morning of January 21st, 2022 at VinUniversity (Hanoi). Held just after the award announcement night, this event serves to inspire the public with the first generation of VinFuture Prize Laureates’ sharing about their lives, their motivations, and their research journeys to the successful creation of their award-winning inventions.

This is an interactive session where the audience, including students, young scientists, start-ups, and academic professionals are encouraged to share their views, ask questions, and engage with the VinFuture Prize Laureates.

The program will be directed by Journalist Ta Bich Loan – one of 50 most influential women in Vietnam (Forbes, 2015) and Head of the Department of Entertainment, Vietnam Television.


Guest Speakers:

VinFuture Grand Prize Laureates


Laureates of 3 VinFuture Special Prizes:

  • Female innovators
  • Innovators from the Developing Countries
  • Innovators with outstanding achievements in emerging fields


The Grand Prize worth US$3 million will be awarded to the person with breakthrough research and inventions that have proven to make lives better and improve the living environment for future generations.

VinFuture is one of a few scientific prizes that exclusively honor female innovators, listen to the voices from developing countries and inspire talents in emerging fields. With three Special Prizes worth US$500,000 each, VinFuture honors the scientists and researchers located in disadvantaged areas or facing barriers in scientific research who have made positive contributions to humanity.


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