Beyond Boundaries: A Dive Into Prof. Soumitra Dutta’s Global Impact

Join us in an enlightening episode as we explore the remarkable journey of Prof. Soumitra Dutta, a true visionary who lives by the philosophy, "Let life come to you." From his early days to becoming the mastermind behind successful startups and a strategic genius opening doors to endless possibilities, Prof. Dutta's story is a testament to the power of belief, resilience, and unwavering determination.

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It is with great enthusiasm that we present the third episode of the Unveil the Future podcast series, a collection of eight inspiring conversations with scientific luminaries! Our guests include the VinFuture Prize Laureates, esteemed members of our Prize Council and Pre-Screening Committee, and outstanding scientists whose groundbreaking work and journeys inspire and profoundly impact countless lives worldwide.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between science and the public, making it more accessible and easily comprehensible for all. We hope that regardless of your background or interests, you will find something compelling in each episode as our esteemed scientists share their captivating stories. We are thrilled to have you embark on this journey with us!

In this episode, we delve into the incredible mind of Prof. Soumitra Dutta – Member of the VinFuture Prize Council and Peter Moores Dean of the Saïd Business School – University of Oxford. He is also the co-founder and founder, respectively, of two major global technology and innovation indices: the Network Readiness Index (published by the World Economic Forum) and the Global Innovation Index (published by the World Intellectual Property Organization).

As you immerse yourself in his narrative, you will find yourself inspired by his relatable journey and the invaluable lessons he shares. Despite his renowned status, Prof. Dutta remains grounded in the belief of embracing unforeseen moments and living in the present. His story serves as a reminder that even the most accomplished individuals face uncertainties yet find strength in listening and seizing the opportunities that life presents.

Prepare to be motivated and encouraged as you journey alongside Prof. Soumitra Dutta, drawing inspiration from his experiences to navigate your path with courage and optimism. Tune in to this transformative episode and let his wisdom guide you towards embracing life’s unpredictable yet enriching moments.

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