Esteemed panelists to present at the “Science for Life” Symposium – Advancing Precision Immunology for the Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders

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This Science for Life Symposium focuses on discussing the application and development of precision immunotherapy in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, one of the most complex diseases that pose many common challenges to the world. The symposium aims to promote knowledge exchange and dialogue to bring hope to patients around the world, particularly in Vietnam. By establishing a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration, experts from various fields including immunology, genetics, bioinformatics, pharmacology, and clinical practice can come together to share insights, discuss challenges, and highlight groundbreaking advancements in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Five distinguished speakers who are prominent figures in their disciplines will present on the topic at this symposium. Professor Chi Van Dang, Member of the VinFuture Prize Council, Scientific Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Cancer Medicine at Johns Hopkins (USA) will preside over the symposium. He is a scientist and physician who established the first mechanistic link between a cancer gene (MYC) and cellular energy metabolism. Prof. Chi served on the Biden Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel, is Chair of the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors. Renowned specialists who are following Professor Chi’s lead at the symposium include:

  • Professor Jang-Soo Chun – Gwangju Institute of Science, and Technology and Director of the Korea National Creative Research Initiatives Center for Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis (South Korea). Dr. Chun’s lab focuses on unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying osteoarthritis, the most prevalent form of arthritis characterized by the degradation of cartilage tissue.
  • Prof. Pascale Cossart – Pasteur Institute (France), Member of the VinFuture Prize Council. She has made significant contributions to our understanding of how bacteria both infect, and survive within, host cells. She is currently an Emeritus Professor and formerly Head of the Bacteria-Cell Interactions Unit at the Pasteur Institute (Paris, France)
  • Assistant Professor Dinh Van Nguyen, M.D., Ph.D. – Head of Internal Medicine Department – Vinmec Times City International Hospital, and Lecturer in the College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity (Vietnam).
  • Professor Shimon Sakaguchi – Immunologist and Distinguished Professor at the Immunology Frontier Research Center (IFReC), Osaka University (Japan). He is particularly recognized for his discovery of regulatory T cells (Tregs) for evoking and enhancing tumor immunity and for treating autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases in clinical settings.

For additional information and registration details for the presentations, interested participants are invited to reach out to:


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