Prof. Fiona Watt: VinFuture empowers women to make a difference 

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– What motivated you to join the VinFuture Prize Pre-Screening Committee?

– Prof. Fiona Watt: VinFuture recognizes breakthroughs in various fields rather than limiting itself to a narrow scope. This allows the award to honor outstanding scientific achievements in many different areas, promoting the overall development of science and technology. VinFuture also dedicates a particular category for female scientists to encourage and empower women to participate in the scientific field.

The diversity and significance of VinFuture resonates with my personal beliefs and aspirations. As a member of the Pre-Screening Committee, I will have the honor of meeting and learning from outstanding scientists. Moreover, I will have the opportunity to contribute to evaluating and selecting the most deserving candidates for the VinFuture Prize. This is a significant and honorable responsibility that aligns with my commitment to developing science and technology.

– What are your expectations for the VinFuture Prize and its contribution to the international scientific community?

– Prof. Fiona Watt: VinFuture not only honors outstanding scientific achievements but also demonstrates Vietnam’s dynamism, creativity, and pioneering spirit in science. The award helps promote Vietnam’s image as a friendly, open country and a potential destination for global scientific and technological cooperation.

I am particularly impressed by the award honoring female scientists. This is a crucial step that encourages and inspires women worldwide to pursue their passion and affirms the role of women in the overall scientific development of humanity.

I believe that VinFuture will continue to grow strongly, becoming an iconic initiative that attracts the best scientists. The award will open up new opportunities for scientific research, promote innovation, and contribute to solving global challenges.

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