VinFuture Public Dialogue #2: “Renewable Energy & New Materials for The Future” [NOVEMBER 12, 2021]

29 Oct 2021
VinFuture Public Dialogue #2: “Renewable Energy & New Materials for The Future” [NOVEMBER 12, 2021]


The Vinfuture Public Dialogue #2 with the story of “Future is Now” saw the attendance of science enthusiasts in Vietnam and around the world, together with top global scientists & entrepreneurs including:

  • Professor Sir Konstantin (Kostya) Sergeevich Novoselov, FRS, 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor, Director of the Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials, National University of Singapore; the Langworthy Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester, UK.
  • Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, 2019 world’s most influential scientific minds; 2015-2018 top 1% highly cited researchers in materials science by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics, Director at the Center for Polymers and Organic Solids (CPOS) and Professor of the Chemistry & Biochemistry department at the University of California Santa Barbara, USA.
  • Dr. Corey Hoven, Scientist and Entrepreneur, Founder and CTO of Next Energy Technologies, commercializing beautiful windows that generate electricity for buildings.

The Dialogue was moderated by Dr. Nguyen Minh Anh, Executive Secretary, VinFuture Foundation

Sharing at the beginning of the Dialogue, Dr. Le Mai Lan, the representative of VinFuture Foundation said: “What we do today will transform the life of tomorrow and shape the future, for us and for our next generation.”

The first guest speaker – Prof. Thuc-Quyen Nguyen brought about the question of “Energy for ALL” and showed us the human aspect of Science. Audiences were given interesting examples of how solar energy was made accessible for the poor people in remote areas. Thanks to the help of Science and Technology, a new age of energy is coming with human beings breaking free from limitations of natural resources.

Talking about humans switching from the passive position to proactive one, from efforts for reservation to decision of creation, our second speaker – the youngest scientist to have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics since 1973, Prof. Konstantin (Kostya) Sergeevich Novoselov brought audiences on a journey of human beings, from exploring and exploiting nature, adapting the platform for the new realities and going beyond our capability by creating our own demand materials with new applications.

The third guest speakers of the dialogue – Dr. Corey Hoven told the story of photovoltaic windows with the ability to create energy themselves. Energy-producing building is the proof of science, as the perfect solution for humans to conquer climate change and energy crises.

In the second episode of the VinFuture Public Dialogue, there was a special session for ideas presentation of young scientists & start-ups and advisory support from keynote speakers.


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