2023 InnovaTalk#1: Harvest Planning with Spectral Sensors in the Orchard

20 Mar 2023
2023 InnovaTalk#1: Harvest Planning with Spectral Sensors in the Orchard

In the first InnovaTalk webinar of 2023 scheduled for March 2023 on smart agriculture, we were pleased to invite you to meet Professor Wouter Saeys (KU Leven, Belgium) with his presentation on “Harvest Planning with Spectral Sensors in the Orchard.

  • Date & Time: March 29th, 8-9 am Belgium time, which corresponded to March 29th, 1-2 pm Vietnam time
  • To attend this webinar, please register via this link:

Chair: Professor Josse De Baerdemaeker from KU Leuven (Belgium), Former President of EurAgEng, the European Society of Agricultural Engineers. His research into the physical properties of agricultural products has played a crucial role in the development of technology for precision agriculture, automation, and robotics. Additionally, he has been a longtime chairman of a fruit and vegetable marketing cooperative and has been involved in ‘GLOBAL-GAP’, a farm assurance program that links consumer requirements to Good Agricultural Practice.

Distinguished Speaker: Professor Wouter Saeys from KU Leuven (Belgium). His primary focus is developing technology to monitor and control processes within the AgroFood sector. His work involves three key areas of research: sensor development, statistics, and mechatronics. As part of the Biophotonics group at KU Leuven, Professor Saeys studies the interaction between light and biological systems to create innovative sensors for rapid and non-destructive characterization and monitoring of biosystems.

Special Guest: Associate Professor Tran Thi Dinh – Head of the Department of Food Processing Technology, Faculty of Food Science & Technology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture. She has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles. She also serves as the Chairman of the Food Science and Technology Network between Vietnam and Belgium.

The InnovaTalk webinar lasted approximately one hour and included:

  • 5-minute introduction by the Chair;
  • 15-minute presentation by Professor Wouter Saeys;
  • 5-minute sharing by Associate Professor Tran Thi Dinh;
  • 30-minute Q&A session (active discussion) between the Chair, Distinguished Speaker and Special Guest, and the audience;
  • 5-minute Call for Nominations by a representative from the VinFuture Prize’s Secretariat.

During the discussion session, you were strongly encouraged to ask questions directly to the Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker, and Chair in order to explore potential partnerships between you and these leading innovators. The VinFuture Prize Team is pleased to assist you if you plan to propose any project for cooperation with the leading innovators after the webinar.

If you find this webinar helpful, please share it with others for knowledge dissemination. If any issue arises, please contact us at


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