AI Day 2021: Empowering Innovations

22 Aug 2021
AI Day 2021: Empowering Innovations

Alongside NVIDIA Asia Pacific and Google, the VinFuture Foundation is pleased to partner with VinAI Research to organize AI Day2021, one of the biggest AI virtual events in Vietnam! From fundamental research to real-life applications, the virtual event will walk the audience through the AI roadmap with a wide range of topics being covered in both conventionally theoretical and entrepreneurial sessions.

From cornerstones as Machine Learning, Vision, Robotics and Language Processing to rising new stars as Autonomous Vehicles and Talents Nourishment for young enthusiasts in developing countries like Vietnam, this is promised to be an event that cannot be missed.

This year, AI Day 2021 is honored to host many distinguished speakers. Among them is Prof. Michael I. Jordan – one of the leading figures and the world’s most influential computer scientists for the first-day stage.

Other big names joining AI DAY 2021 include:

  • Prof. Andrew Zisserman (The University of Oxford)
  • Prof. Oren Etzioni (CEO, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
  • Prof. Tal Hassner (Applied Research Lead, Facebook AI)
  • Prof. Mark Johnson (Macquarie University; Chief AI Scientist, Oracle Digital Assistant)
  • Prof. Tim Baldwin (The University of Melbourne)
  • Prof. Hondong Li (The Australian National University)
  • And many more.

The event will be live-streamed on August 27 & 28, 2021 on the VinAI YouTube channel and other social networking platforms of VinAI Research.


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