The Inaugural VinFuture Award Ceremony

2 Dec 2021
The Inaugural VinFuture Award Ceremony

One year after its launch, the VinFuture Prize Council has completed the evaluation process and selected 4 groundbreaking scientific innovations that have made and will continue to make positive impacts in the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. Prize winners will be announced at the inaugural VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony to be held on January 20, 2022 at the Hanoi Opera House and the VinFuture Sci-tech Week during January 18-21, 2022 in Hanoi.

This is an international event to honor outstanding scientific achievements and promote innovations for humanity in 2021 with the participation of world-leading scientists, policy makers, leaders of technology corporations, and the Prize winners.

The events are centered around the VinFuture Award Ceremony, held in the evening of January 20th at the Hanoi Opera House. This will be a formal ceremony with the participation of Leaders of the Vietnamese government, world-leading scientists – recipients of prestigious scientific awards such as the Nobel Prize, the Millennium Technology Prize, the Turing Award,… to honor the winners of the inaugural VinFuture Prize, including the VinFuture Grand Prize and 03 Special Prizes for female innovators, innovators from the developing countries, and innovators with outstanding achievements in emerging fields. Following the ceremony will be a outstanding performance exclusively created for the event, featuring two international music stars who have won various prestigious awards: John Legend and Dang Thai Son.

The Award Ceremony will be streamed live on VTV and international platforms for science and technology.


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