‘Innovate TODAY. Create TOMORROW’ inspirational talk

5 Dec 2022
‘Innovate TODAY. Create TOMORROW’ inspirational talk

Date and Time: 2 PM – 4:15 PM | 17.12.2022

Location: VinUniversity, Vinhomes Oceanpark, Gia Lam District, Hanoi

As an exciting part of the 2022 VinFuture Science and Technology Week, the ‘Innovate TODAY. Create TOMORROW’ inspirational talk brought together intellectual minds to give talks to Vietnamese experts, young scientists, talented students, as well as the start-up community. This discussion hoped to spark creativity and ideas on topics of science, technology and life associated with the focus of the 2022 VinFuture Prize, therefore, encouraging learning, discovery, and strong scientific research motivation.


  1. Professor Mark Z. Jacobson – Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.
  2. Mr. John Nosta – A leader in digital health, Google Health Advisory Board, Founder and President of NostaLab.
  3. Professor Jennifer Tour Chayes – Member of the VinFuture Prize Council, Associate Provost of Computing, Data Science, and Society, and Dean of the School of Information, University of California, Berkeley.
  4. Professor Ermias Kebreab – Member of the VinFuture Pre-Screening Committee, Associate Dean for Global Engagement in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Director of the World Food Center, University of California, Davis.

Each talk was 30 minutes long, with 15 minutes for the inspirational speech of a keynote speaker, followed by a 15-minute interaction with the audience.

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