Leveraging Nanoparticle Technologies for Novel Vaccines and Therapeutics

31 Mar 2022
Leveraging Nanoparticle Technologies for Novel Vaccines and Therapeutics

Nanoparticles are emerging as a powerful mode of delivery for drugs, vaccines and even gene therapy, enabling the delivery of a wide variety of therapeutic agents beyond small molecules. With recent advances in nanoparticle technologies and design, scientists are now able to generate, load and target lipid nanoparticles systems for delivery of macromolecular drugs including siRNA, mRNA and DNA, as well as multicomponent gene editing complexes, essentially opening the door to new therapeutic modalities deploying nucleic acids to treat disease. These fundamental breakthroughs have led to novel vaccines for COVID-19, cancer drug treatments, and gene therapy advances.

This free ePanel event will showcase the latest developments in nanoparticle technologies and translational utility. Panelists will discuss past challenges and current solutions, focusing specifically on the development of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine as a success story. We will address questions of clinical implementation, from manufacturing to safety, immunogenicity and more, comprehensively examining the trajectory from bench to bedside from basic science and biotechnology industry perspectives. Finally, we will explore remaining hurdles, future opportunities and new horizons in nanoparticle technology development and applications, with the potential to transform vaccinology, cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy and more.

Date: April 27, 2022
Time: 12:00PM EDT | 4:00PM UTC


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