InnovaTalk #4: Understanding Medication-Gut Microbiome Interactions

July 19th, 2023,
9:00 - 10:00 AM Paris, France (GMT+2)
which corresponds to July 19th, 9:00 - 10:00 AM Heidelberg, Germany (GMT+2), 2:00 - 3:00 PM, Hanoi, Vietnam (GMT+7)
Online Webinar
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The fourth webinar of the InnovaTalk series in 2023 was held on July 19, 2023, in Hanoi, Vietnam (GMT+7). The purpose of the webinar was to explore the medication and gut microbiome interactions.

The webinar was chaired by Professor Pascale Cossart, Pasteur Institute, Perpetual Secretary of the Academy of Sciences (France) and Member of the VinFuture Prize Council. The Distinguished Speaker was Dr. Nassos Typas, Group Leader and Senior Scientist at European Molecular Biology Laboratory Heidelberg (Germany). And representing the Vietnamese biomedical community was Dr. Chung The Hao, Wellcome International Training Fellow and Postdoc Scientist at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU).

Speakers discussed the role of the human gut microbiome, the impact of drugs on the microbiome and overall human health, and the consequences of the overuse of antibiotics, along with the challenges and prospects of promoting research in this area in Vietnam. The webinar attracted nearly 150 attendees who were biomedical and nutritional experts from 21 countries such as America, Belgium, Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc. This demonstrates the appeal and importance of the topic of the human gut microbiome in the global biomedical community.

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