InnovaTalk webinar: A Green Future of the Hydrogen Economy

August 23rd, 2023,
KV 23.8

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The fifth webinar of the InnovaTalk series in 2023 was held on August 23rd, 2023, in Hanoi, Vietnam (GMT+7). The purpose of the webinar was to explore the green future of hydrogen economy.

If the June InnovaTalk focused on exploring content related to carbon capture and storage, this month’s InnovaTalk will provide attendees the chance to delve into the potential and significant role of hydrogen in the transition towards a net-zero generation system. This webinar brings together leading energy experts from around the world to provide valuable insights into this fuel source that has garnered significant attention and investment in addressing climate change.

The webinar was chaired by Prof. Vivian Yam, University of Hong Kong (PRC) and Member of the VinFuture Prize’s Pre-Screening Committee. The Distinguished Speakers were Prof. Nigel Brandon, Imperial College London (UK), and Prof. Kazunari Domen, University of Tokyo (Japan). Representing the Vietnamese energy community was Mr. Ha Dang Son, Deputy Technical Director of the Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program II (V-LEEP II).

Speaker discussed the environmental and economic impact of hydrogen fuel, its sustainable generation using green energy, and the latest material technologies underpinning solar-powered fuel cells. The webinar attracted nearly 200 attendees who were material and energy experts from 30 countries such as America, the UK, Japan, Singapore, etc. This demonstrates the appeal and importance of the topic of hydrogen fuel cells in the global energy community.

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