VinFuture International Sci-Tech Film Week 2022

In the framework of the VinFuture International Sci-Tech Film Week 2022, at 37 CGV cinemas at all Vincom Centers in Vietnam, audience can receive free tickets directly at the ticket counter or register online through CGV Cinemas app, websites and social media networks of VinFuture, Vincom, or CGV.

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VinFuture Prize gave out to the public 25,000 free movie tickets for 3 Hollywood movies as the following:

1. Gravity: The movie by famous Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón was awarded seven gold statues out of 10 nominations in the 2014 Oscar season. Choosing to approach the spatial context in a very scientific and realistic style, Gravity describes the terrible dangers that difficult work in space can bring. The film sends a message of belief in the seeming impossibility. The most difficult challenges can turn out to be opportunities for glorious rebirths.

2. Interstellar: The movie by renowned director and producer Christopher Nolan is described as a chronicle of the great adventures of explorers, set in a future world where the environment on Earth is devastated. When the competition for resources is no longer important, people must unite to find a solution. Science is the key to saving humanity from extinction.

3. Current War: The film recounts the great dramatic confrontation in the scientific history of the two illustrious scientists, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, based on real events. This is not a general biopic but a piece of art for contemplation of a period that brought about continuous revolutions with life-changing contributions.

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