Smart Materials: Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Future

Keeping up with the expanding trend of energy storage technologies, VinFuture Foundation will host an October webinar titled "Smart Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage" as part of the InnovaTalk webinar series.

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The webinar features panelists who are industry and academic leaders in materials and energy research. Professor Sir Kostya Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics and a Member of the VinFuture Prize Council, will chair the webinar.

The Distinguished Speaker will be Professor Antonio H. Castro Neto, Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Material Science Engineering and Physics and Director of the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials at the National University of Singapore. In 2003, Prof. Neto was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), and in 2011 he was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Prof. Neto is also a Fellow of the National Academy of Science of Singapore and of the Brazilian Academy of Science.

Reshaping a sustainable future

Achieving sustainability goals is a complex task that hinges on several critical factors: finding new energy sources, prevailing demand for energy, supporting infrastructure, and the cost of development and implementation.

Over recent years, as we innovate and refine materials, we’ve observed notable reductions in the costs associated with certain sustainable technologies.

A prime testament to this transformation in material science is the emergence of silicon-based photovoltaics. These photovoltaic materials have undergone significant advancements, making them ubiquitous even in regions with limited or inconsistent sunlight.

The evolution of materials, particularly smart materials, holds the potential to broaden the kinds of energy we can harness. With continued research and innovation, these materials will unlock a broader array of energy sources, further reshaping our sustainable future, Prof. Novoselov said.

Sustainability is more than just an industry buzzword; it’s a collective responsibility that resonates with everyone, from individuals to large corporations. The consensus is clear: we must prioritize sustainability in all our endeavors. However, the path to achieving this goal has varying interpretations and strategies. Different companies and individuals often have diverse perspectives on what sustainability entails and how to achieve it best.

In today’s dynamic landscape, many potential energy scenarios are being explored. Questions abound: “Is the world going to be electric? Is the world going to be hydrogen? Is it nuclear power or local nuclear power going to win?” Such uncertainties highlight the evolving nature of the sustainability conversation and underscore the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Given these scenarios, according to Prof. Novoselov, research labs focusing on material and energy innovation hold the keys to our sustainable future. We are at a pivotal crossroads, a moment in time where decisions made in these labs can set the trajectory for our global energy landscape for decades to come.

Smart Materials: Vietnam’s Sustainable Energy Future

Viewing it as a convergence of knowledge, opportunities, and aspirations, Dr. Hieu Nguyen (Australian National University), who will be representing the Vietnamese scientific community at the webinar, pointed out several reasons this webinar on smart materials for energy harvesting and storage is crucial for the Vietnamese audience:

– Knowledge dissemination: The webinar is an effective platform to share the latest scientific advancements and technologies associated with energy harvesting and storage. This is particularly vital in the current global context, where there’s an urgent push towards ensuring energy sustainability and security.

– Networking opportunities: Beyond just an informational session, the webinar provides a unique chance for attendees from Vietnam to engage with international experts and inventors in the energy domain. This interaction can potentially lead to collaborations, partnerships, and shared initiatives between Vietnamese stakeholders and global pioneers in energy research and application.

– Inspiration for the next generation: The webinar, showcasing renowned speakers, will motivate young Vietnamese talents in science and technology. These expert insights can ignite aspirations and encourage more youth to pursue careers in vital energy sectors.

The development and utilization of advanced materials for energy harvesting and storage are vital for addressing global energy demands.

Such materials pave the way for inventive methods to capture and conserve energy from renewable sources, including solar and wind, facilitating the production of sustainable energy on an expansive scale – a testament to sustainability.

Through the refinement of energy devices powered by these innovative materials, there’s a marked reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, underscoring the environmental benefits.

Furthermore, breakthroughs in energy materials can optimize solar resource utilization, extend the lifespan of solar cells and storage mechanisms, and enhance resource efficiency.

Focusing on Vietnam, the topic becomes even more pertinent. Like many Southeast Asian nations, Vietnam’s rapid economic growth translates to a soaring energy demand, necessitating efficient renewable energy solutions. Geographically, Vietnam receives abundant sunshine year-round and has significant potential for wind energy, given its proximity to the equator and the sea. Vietnam, along with other developing nations, grapples with environmental challenges, including air pollution and carbon emissions. There’s an urgent need for sustainable energy solutions to combat these issues.

In essence, advanced energy materials are not just crucial for Vietnam’s sustainable future but are also of importance to the global energy landscape.

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