Honorable Members

Professor Michael Eugene Porter
Harvard Business School (USA), Honorary Member

Michael Porter is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at the Harvard Business School. He is an economist, researcher, author, teacher, strategy advisor, and speaker.

Throughout his career at Harvard Business School, he has brought economic theory and strategy concepts to address many of the most challenging problems facing corporations, economies, and societies, including competition and company strategy, economic development, health care, and most recently, America’s dysfunctional political system. His extensive research is widely recognized in governments, corporations, health care organizations, NGOs, and academic circles around the globe. His research has received numerous awards, and he is the most cited scholar today in economics and business. While Professor Porter is, at the core, a scholar, his work has also achieved remarkable acceptance by practitioners across multiple fields. His principal goal is to influence actual practice in the fields in which he works.

Professor Porter is an unprecedented nine-time winner of the McKinsey Award for the best Harvard Business Review article of the year. He is also the recipient of twenty-six honorary doctorates as well as national and state honors.

Professor Porter’s initial training was in aerospace engineering at Princeton University. He then earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard’s Department of Economics. His research approach—applying economic theory and management concepts to address complex systemic problems—reflects these multidisciplinary foundations.

Professor Porter is the author of twenty books and more than 130 articles. For further information, please visit the website of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (www.isc.hbs.edu).