It is always helpful for us if the nominator states in the letter the relationship between him/her to the nominee, whether he/she is a former student or someone the nominator admires from afar. The Prize Council will look carefully at why somebody might have made a nomination.
We do not make the list of nominations public. This is a standard procedure for many global prizes.
No, you cannot serve as a nominator and be a member of the research team that you nominate. This is a conflict of interest.
Due to the high volume of nominations received, we are unable to provide feedback on individual submissions. Scores and assessments are kept strictly confidential. This should not, however, restrict you from re-submitting the nominations if you believe there has been a significant proven impact from the nominations. Please notice that the nomination form has been revised this year to include additional information fields, so remember to log into your account and complete the updated mandatory fields.
Similar to other global prizes, we place a high value on confidentiality and will keep the identities of all nominators and nominees anonymous. You can contact the individuals and/or group of scientists you are nominating to obtain additional information.
The VinFuture Foundation keeps the information about the nominations confidential. While we leave it to the nominators to decide, we encourage the nominators to keep their nominations confidential as well. We do not have a specific requirement or control from our side. Therefore, it is at the nominators’ discretion to contact the nominees to ask for their consent.