Yes, and such nominations are encouraged if they meet the criteria of VinFuture Prize. Prior recognition from other organizations or institutions has no bearing on the eligibility of a nomination and confers no advantage over other nominations. Please notice that VinFuture Prize’s eligibility and evaluation criteria are distinct from those used by other awards.
No. In this situation, if your institution nominates a group of scientists within your institution, that will not be considered as self-nomination.

A Prize may be awarded to a group of scientists or an individual scientist. Unlike the Nobel Prize, which limits the number of recipients for any of their prizes to three (3), VinFuture Prize has no such restriction. Science is collaborative in nature, and breakthrough discoveries are frequently the result of a team’s collective efforts. As such, we have decided to honor all key contributors. The inaugural VinFuture Grand Prize was, in fact, shared by three scientists from diverse fields, all of whom contributed to the extraordinary development of mRNA vaccines. We shall note that while an organization may be associated with breakthrough research, we are more interested in the team of scientists who are directly engaged in and contribute to the project, rather than the institution itself.

It would be most helpful if nominators can really help by identifying all those who have made essential contributions to the innovation. It would be much more helpful if the nominator does provide as much information as possible so that we definitely do not miss important contributions from another team. Therefore, the nomination can certainly be for several groups of people or individuals working in different countries.
VinFuture Prize focuses on science, engineering, and technology. The fundamental focus of the research must be inventions related to science as in STEM.
We hope to see more of these nominations in the future, as the evaluation process is highly rigorous, and we value the perspectives of multiple nominators. Therefore, you do not have to contact the nominee(s) for this matter. We shall note that nominations with a single nominator are equally welcome. Our team will exercise additional diligence and commitment to evaluating such nominations.

The VinFuture Prize is focused on individuals or small groups; therefore, you cannot nominate a country for the Prize. However, you are more than welcome to nominate deserving individuals/groups from your country to be considered for the next Laureates of the VinFuture Prize.

Yes, the same person can be nominated for more than one annual VinFuture Prize.
Yes. We hold each nomination in the highest regards, and as such, we encourage all nominations regardless of the nominee(s)’ country of origin, background , religious belief or social status.
Yes. There are no distinctions made between young, emerging, or established scientists; awards are made on the basis of the impact of the research on humanity and society. We are committed to supporting scientists from all backgrounds, regardless of their nationality, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs. Indeed, we are expanding our support for scientists from developing countries whose work can demonstrate a (potential) global impact.