The roles and responsibilities of Nominators include:

Nominating outstanding researchers/inventors (nominees/group of nominees) in science, engineering, technology, or multi-disciplinary approaches to the Grand Prize and three Special Prizes for Developing Country Innovators, Female Innovators, and Outstanding Achievements in Emerging Fields. These nominees are people whose breakthrough scientific research and technological innovations have impacted or will potentially impact the everyday lives of millions of people.

Submitting the nomination using our nomination portal (https://online.vinfutureprize.org/nomination). In the nomination form, Nominators will be asked to provide inputs on how the nominated research/solution/invention fulfills the nomination criteria, as part of their rationale for submitting the nomination.

Providing additional information or clarification as requested by the Prize Council through the Secretariat, if any.

The VinFuture Prize accepts both organizational/institutional nominators and individual nominators. Eligible nominators come from recognized organizations such as universities, research institutes or centers, academies of science and technology, scientific associations or networks, corporations and industries, innovation incubators, and prominent individuals in the related areas.

VinFuture Prize is accepting nominations from both invited nominators as well as nominators who did not receive invitation letters from the VinFuture Prize, provided that they meet the criteria approved by the VinFuture Foundation. We would also note that organizational/institutional and individual nominators are both acceptable, but self-nominations are not.

If you are interested in nominating but have not received an invitation, please contact us at secretariat@vinfutureprize.org for further assistance or simply create an account on our online nomination portal to begin the nomination process.

Yes, you can nominate researchers/inventors from your own organization, provided that the nominated project/solution does not include yourself in the team. You can definitely nominate prominent researchers/inventors anywhere in the world if their breakthrough scientific research and technological innovations have impacted or will potentially impact the everyday lives of millions of people.
Follow-up emails may be needed for additional information requested by the Prize Council, operated through the Secretariat. Meetings and travels are not required.
As a matter of avoiding all conflicts of interest, we do not accept relatives of the Prize Council and the Pre-Screening Committee to serve as Nominators. However, we would be grateful if you could refer other qualified researchers and inventors to become nominators for the VinFuture Prize.
Self-nominations are not accepted. You may nominate a research group on behalf of an organization or institution as long as you are not a member of the nominated team. Additionally, you may nominate scientists within the same research organization as long as you are not collaborating on the nominated project with them.
That is acceptable as long as you are not submitting your own nomination.